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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Can A DUI Cost You Your Job?

Every time you drink and drive, you are putting your job and quality of life at risk. The penalties for a DUI conviction are steep, even on a first offense. DUILegalNY also states that a permanent criminal record is a consequence of DWI/DUI. In most states, this means a one-month suspension, with additional restrictions for up to one year. These restrictions usually allow you to get back and forth to work and that's about it.

Can You Get Fired From A Current Job If You Get a DUI?

Most people know that a DUI can prevent them from getting a new job. However, most U.S. states have work at will laws that allow employers to fire employees without stating a reason. There are exceptions that prevent firing someone on the basis of race and other protected categories. Work at will laws are likely going to come into effect if you have been convicted of a DUI and your employer lets you go because of it.

Reasons A DUI Can Get You Fired

An employer who lets you go based on a DUI is not discriminating against you for drinking. They are using the valid argument that driving while impaired makes you a liability to the company. This is especially true if your job requires you to be behind the wheel often. Some states do protect you from discriminatory hiring practices based on arrest records. However, this doesn't cover convictions.

If you drive a truck, company vehicle or bus as part of your job, your driving record impacts your company's insurance policy. Insurance companies require a clean driving record as a contingency to cover individuals under your company's insurance plan. So, with a DUI, you won't be able to operate a company vehicle.

While you can still get legal defense for a DUI/DWI it is important to know that having a DUI on your record can also affect your livelihood.

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