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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The History Of DWI in New York. A Comparison Of Attitudes And Laws.

Over the years, attitudes have greatly changed when it comes to drink driving. Back in the day, it occurred a lot more often than it does now, according to statistics, however, the behavior of police officers has changed greatly too. At a recent meeting of lawyers, some of the older lawyers spoke of times when officers would give a drunk driver a ride home, and that was the end of it. Fast forward to today, and that is not the case...and rightly so. If you are drunk or your ability to drive is impaired, then under no circumstances should you drive. Modern technology through Uber rides, offers a safe and convenient way for those drinking to go from A to B.

Increased Reasons For DWI Defense

However, in saying that, there are often scenarios where a DUI arrest was unjustified, due process was not followed, and civil rights are infringed. Unfortunately, this has also been made worse by some technology, such as breathalyzers where operators do not know how to use them correctly, resulting an a false reading, which gets people into trouble.

Changes In NY DUI Laws

Another big difference between today and past years is that the legal limit has dropped from a blood alcohol level reading of 0.15% to 0.08%. Again, this is a progressive move to make our roads safer, but it just goes to show what was acceptable back then, is certainly not today.

Changes In Penalties & Fines

The consequences of a DWI have also become a lot more stringent over the years. Specifically, in the past, a plea deal was likely struck and there was no license penalties. Today, New York laws provide that violations of drugs or alcohol carry penalties of fines, jail time, and suspension of a drivers license. The NY Laws also provide for a lifetime or permanent ban for those who are repeat offenders which includes fines of up to $10,000 and potentially incarceration for up to seven years.

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